JUZO – Effective scar treatment

Scar treatment with compression and/or silicone. 

Every injury leaves behind marks. Burns and scalding in particular, but also surgical procedures can produce sometimes extensive, unsightly scars. To prevent an overgrowth of scar tissue, it is helpful to apply external compression as soon as the wounds have healed.

Juzo provides you with special compression garments from comfortable materials. We have developed a concept, especially for children (Julius – the little supporter for scar therapy), that is intended to help affected children and their parents through the entire course of treatment and, with the help of child-friendly and funny iron-on patches, encourages them to wear their compression garments. This makes it easier to provide treatment for burns and scalds.

Juzo ScarPrime Seamless

Seamless, postoperative compression products
Art. 9058

The innovative, seamless knitted fabric is breathable and provides a pleasant skin climate. The anatomical contours, in combination with the enclosed metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb, ensure a perfect and defined fit. The mobility of the thumb is not restricted. The edges at the wrist and finger stubs are particularly soft and exert only minimal pressure. This prevents rolling up of the edges as well as constrictions and pressure sores resulting from this. The 3D comfort zone in the sensitive area between the thumb and index finger prevents creasing of the fabric and protects the skin from irritations.

Custom-made Juzo ScarComfort knitted fabrics should be used for long-term care once any swelling has reduced.

Juzo ScarPrime Direct

Compression products for the post-operative interim phase
Art. 3016

The Juzo ScarPrime Direct leggings and bermuda pants are available in standard sizes 1 to 6. The high cut with waist band additionally increases wearing comfort.

Juzo ScarPrime Direct products have been specially developed for the four to six week interim phase after surgery. They are also used to stabilise the result of the procedure.

Juzo ScarComfort Fine

Soft and robust at the same time
Art. 3011

For Juzo ScarComfort Fine, an innovative knitting technology is used, making the fabric particularly soft and smooth. The soft side touches the skin and the slightly more durable surface is on the outside. For added comfort the elastic seams also face outwards, Juzo ScarComfort Fine is not only easy to put on and pleasant to wear, but it also offers comfort to the sensitive scar. 

Juzo ScarComfort Pure

Particularly strong and durable
Art. 3071 (mild compression) / Art. 3072 (moderate compression) 

Because Juzo ScarComfort Pure is so soft, it offers great freedom of movement and is pleasant to wear. Thanks to the surface structure of the knitted fabric, it is robust, breathable and suitable for everyday use. 

Juzo ScarComfort Silver

Compression with antibacterial effect
Art. 3071 SI (mild compression) / Art. 3072 SI (moderate compression)

The special knitted fabric of Juzo ScarComfort Silver features a knitted-in silver thread. In addition to compression, it has a natural antibacterial effect which restores the balance of inflamed and irritated skin. This means itching is reduced.

Juzo ScarPad

Silicone patches
Art. 9414 / 9410 / 9411 / 9412 

Juzo ScarPad silicone patches are self-adhesive, they can be cut to size and may be applied directly on the skin. The special Juzo ScarPad silicone patches can be used for various types of active scars in combination with compression products. They are available available in a variety of sizes and strengthening and offer effective and individualised treatment.

Juzo ScarPad Light small and Juzo ScarPad Light

Juzo ScarPad Extra and Juzo ScarPad Strong

Please note:

Juzo Silon®-TEX

Medical silicone layer on textile base material

Juzo Silon®-TEX is a medical silicone layer on a soft and supple textile base material. It can be used for various types of active scars and is custom-knitted directly into the Juzo ScarComfort Fine, Juzo ScarComfort Pure and Juzo ScarComfort Silver compression products.

Combination of compression and silicone

The textile fabric is soft and comfortable and adapts perfectly to the wearer’s anatomy. The fabric is very thin and permanently connected with a layer of medical silicone. The silicone layer allows a moist environment to develop on the scar, meaning the scar doesn’t dry out. Medical silicone is soft and breathable for perfect wearing comfort, thanks to its semi-permeable membrane.

Juzo ScarComfort knitted fabrics with Juzo Silon®-TEX

Juzo Silon®-TEX enables customized integration into Juzo compression garments, depending on preference and size. This means it can be used practically anywhere on the body. In addition to silicone, therapeutically effective pressure is useful for the scar, counteracting uncontrolled and excessive rebuilding of connective tissue. Juzo compression garments with Juzo Silon®-TEX must be cleaned daily in accordance with the care symbols on the sewn-in textile label.


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