Scars & Scar Therapy

Scars are caused by injuries or surgical procedures and they are the result of the normal healing process of the skin. The skins process of repairing itself begins immediately after the trauma and in order to understand the formation of scars, it is important to know the phases of the healing process.

  1. The Inflammatory Phase: when the blood clotting process begins. bleeding is stopped and the body protects itself from bacteria and germs entering the injured area.

2. The Proliferation Phase: where the body tries to rebuild vessels and tissue with the aim of closing the wound as quickly as possible.

3. The Maturation Phase: The wound is closed and the scarring process begins.

Not all scars are the same and can vary greatly depending on the type of skin, the location and nature of the injury as well as the age, nutritional status and genetic factors of the person affected. In the majority of cases, healing takes place rapidly, the scar remains flat and fades over time. But for some, scarring can be more problematic and would be considered an abnormal healing process.

Types of Scars

  1. Hypertrophic Scars: Are formed when there is an excessive amount of collagen deposited by the body. This results on a raised, wide and discoloured scar that feels hard to the touch.

2. Keloid Scars: are an overgrowth of scar tissue and form considerably raised scars that grow larger than the wounds original area. They usually form around 6 months after injury and can even form form minimal trauma such as an insect bite. The earlobe, neck and upper chest are common sites for keloid scar formation.

3. Atrophic Scars: are sunken scars often due to cystic acne.

Scar Therapy is giving patients more control over their healing process, more comfort while healing and more positive aesthetic outcomes. Compression therapy and scar pads are the two primary tools at a patients disposal.

Compression Garments give the dual benefit of stabilising the collagen formation and controlling oedema (swelling) during the healing process.

20-23 mmHg (Class 1) pressure is used for scar therapy.

Juzo Scar Comfort compression garments are designed for comfort and effectiveness.

  • Custom made compression for the whole body.
  • Perfect wearing comfort with flat knit fabric and outer seams.
  • Fabric that allows freedom of movement.
  • Soft smooth fibres.
  • Exceptionally Skin Friendly
  • Medically effective
  • Easy donning and doffing.
  • Latex-Free and breathable.
  • UV protection up to UPF 80 in accordance with Standard 801.

There are 3 flat knit fabrics to choose from, your therapist will advise on which one is best.

Juzo ScarComfort Fine is particularly soft and smooth The soft surface touches the skin and the durable surface is on the outside. The seams of the garment are also on the outside for maximum comfort. Juzo ScarComfort Fine is easy to put on and is ideal for sensitive scarring.

Juzo ScarComfort Pure is stong and durable for high impact/wear areas. This garment is robust yet breathable and comfortable.

Juzo ScarComfort Silver has silver technology knitted into the fabric creating an anti-bacterial garment. This is ideal for patients at high risk of infection and with sensitive skin prone to rash and itching.

Silicone Scar Pads add an extra dimension of healing by creating a moist and protected skin environment. UV exposure and dryness are detrimental to healing. Juzo ScarPads are UPF 50 resistant and adhere comfortably to the area. They can be used on their own but are most effective when combined with compression. They can be washed and reused for up to 4 weeks.

  • 100% medical silicone
  • Soft, pleasant and unobtrusive.
  • can be cut to any size
  • UV protection UPF50
  • Molds to the body.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Self-Adhesive and versatile
  • Washable and reusable.

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