Introduction & Course Layout

You are about to start a journey of discovery into the workings of the lymphatic system. This amazing system that is intrinsic to our well being and survival has long been underutilised therapeutically in the medical and paramedical fields.

The two primary functions of the lymphatic system are Fluid Homeostasis (fluid balance) and Immune Function. For the purpose of this course, we will explore the basic structure of the lymphatic system (anatomy) and we will delve into how, with this structure, the lymphatic system is able to keep our bodies in fluid balance and safe from infection (physiology).

When the lymphatic system is not functioning optimally we have symptoms such as swelling and infection. You will learn how to identify these problems, know when to intervene as a carer and when to refer a patient to a doctor for care.

Finally, once you have completed the online component, you will learn how to apply a Caregiver Bandage and an Adjustable Compression Garment; how to fit a compression garment and the basics of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Let’s Get Going!! Happy Learning!!

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